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We are proud to introduce a beautiful and practical clothing packaging box to create the perfect display and protection for your clothing. The box features a unique lid box design with a transparent window at the top, giving you a clear view of the clothing inside the box. It is packed in a simple white card box, showing elegance and fashion.

This clothing packaging box is designed to provide the best display for your clothing. Transparent Windows are located at the top, providing a visual window that allows you to see the clothing inside the box at a glance. This not only adds to the appeal of your clothing, but also allows your customers to preview the goods in advance, increasing the confidence of the purchase decision.



◪ Cover box design: The use of cover box design, easy to open and close, making the display of internal clothing more convenient. This design allows customers to easily view the clothing inside the box and feel the charm of the product in advance.

◪ Transparent top window: The top of the box has a transparent window, through which you can clearly see the clothing inside the box. This design not only increases the attractiveness of the product, but also provides customers with more intuitive purchase information and increases the confidence of the purchase decision.

◪ Simple white card box packaging: The appearance is simple and generous white card box packaging, showing a pure and fashionable atmosphere. White is a classic color that complements a variety of clothing styles, adding elegance and a sense of quality to clothing.

◪ Durability and protection: Made of high-quality card-case materials with excellent durability and protection, it ensures that the interior clothing is perfectly protected during transportation and storage. This packaging box can maintain the quality and hygiene of the clothing, providing a reliable protective layer for the clothing.

Main functions of the program

◪ Clothing display function: The box adopts the design of heaven and earth lid box and the transparent window at the top, which can clearly display the clothing in the box, attract customers' attention, and increase the attractiveness and sales potential of the product.

◪ Protection function: Made of high-quality card box material, with good durability and protective performance, can effectively protect the internal clothing from damage, dust, moisture and other factors to maintain the quality and hygiene of clothing.

◪ Convenient switch function: The lid box design makes the switch of the box simple and convenient, customers can easily open and close the box, easy to view the inside clothing and take out the required goods.

◪ Safety packaging function: The lid design of the box ensures safe packaging, eliminating the risk of accidental opening of the box or clothing loss, and ensuring the safety of the product.

◪ Customization function: The appearance of the box is packed with simple white card box, which can be customized according to needs, such as printing brand identity, adding decorative elements, etc., to enhance the brand image and product uniqueness.

◪ Portability function: The box size is moderate, light and easy to carry, convenient for customers to take clothes out of the store or give gifts, providing convenient use experience.

◪ Reusable function: The box is made of durable materials, which can be reused to reduce resource waste and be environmentally conscious.

◪ Multi-scene application function: suitable for product packaging of clothing brand merchants, gift packaging of individual users, clothing storage and other scenarios, to meet different needs, has a wide range of applicability.

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