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Our bakery category boxes are designed for any subscriber to help you easily store, transport and display your delicious baked goods. Our boxes are made of high quality cardboard material and are carefully designed to hold weight and prevent food from being deformed or damaged.



◪  Convenient and easy to carry: The card Box cake box is made of cardboard material, which is lightweight and easy to carry and can protect the cake from damage and deformation. In addition, the boxes are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them easy to use.

◪  Eco-friendly: Card case cake boxes are usually made from recycled materials and are an environmentally friendly packaging option. This can help reduce environmental pollution and waste generation, in line with increasing consumer demand for environmental protection.

◪  Diverse design: Card Box cake boxes come in many different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns, which can be selected according to different needs. This can enhance the brand image, attract customers' attention and lead to more sales opportunities for the bakery business.

◪  Clear Windows: Many card case cake boxes also come with clear Windows that allow consumers to see the appearance and quality of the cake without opening the box. This can increase consumer trust and satisfaction, and increase product sales.

Main functions of the program

◪  Protection: The cake box provides important protection function to protect the cake from damage and deformation. Usually made of materials such as cardboard, it absorbs shock and reduces stress, maintaining the shape and quality of the cake.

◪  Shipping: A cake box is a convenient shipping container that ensures that the cake does not shift or get damaged during shipping. It can reduce the risk of the cake during transportation and ensure the quality and integrity of the cake.

◪  Storage: A cake box is also a convenient storage container to keep the cake fresh and flavorful. It can prevent the cake from being polluted and oxidized by the outside world and extend the shelf life of the cake.

◪  Display: Cake boxes can also be used to display cakes. Many cake boxes have transparent Windows or openings that allow customers to see the appearance and quality of the cake. It can increase the appeal of the cake and attract more customers to buy it.

◪  Marketing: Cake boxes can also be used for marketing. It can print information such as trademarks, logos and contact details to help with brand building and promotion. It can also be designed in a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns to attract customers' attention and increase brand exposure.

◪  Eco-friendly: Many cake boxes are made from recycled materials, making them an environmentally friendly packaging option. This can reduce environmental pollution and waste generation, in line with consumer requirements for environmental protection.

◪  Easy to use: The cake case is easy to use and operate. It is usually designed for easy assembly and disassembly, allowing for quick loading and unloading of cakes. This makes the cake case a convenient packaging option.

◪  Versatile: Cake boxes can also be used to pack other foods and items. For example, some cake boxes can be used to pack small foods such as cookies, chocolates, sweets, as well as flowers, gifts and other items.

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