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Corrugated board is a material consisting of several layers of cardboard sandwich, usually formed by a thick layer of cardboard (called face paper) sandwiched between two layers of thin cardboard (called corrugated core). This structure gives corrugated board many unique product characteristics and performance, the design of these corrugated boxes is relatively simple, the surface of the choice of color printing or monochrome printing, depending on the customer's needs for the product. Color printing can achieve a variety of colors and image effects, so that the corrugated box has a more attractive appearance and brand image. Monochrome printing is usually done in black, grey or other monochrome inks and is suitable for corrugated boxes requiring low cost and simple design.



◪ Strength and durability: The corrugated core of corrugated board provides high strength and durability, allowing the corrugated box to withstand environmental stresses such as squeezing, bumping and shaking during transportation and storage.

◪ Lightweight and environmentally friendly: Compared to other materials, corrugated board is lighter and easier to handle and handle. In addition, it is also a sustainable material that can be recycled and reused.

◪ Customizable: Corrugated board can be customized according to different product and transportation needs. The thickness of the corrugated core and the material of the face paper can be adjusted to meet different strength, weight and appearance requirements.

◪ Moisture resistance and shock resistance: Corrugated board can be improved by coating moisture resistance and strengthening the corrugated core to protect the product from humidity, vibration and other environmental factors.

Main functions of the program

◪  Protection products: Corrugated boxes, by their strength and durability, protect the products inside the package from the external environment, such as bumping, squeezing, shaking, moisture, etc.

◪  Transportation and storage: Corrugated boxes can be easily stacked and moved, making products safer, more stable and easier to manage during transportation and storage.

◪  Enhance brand image: Corrugated boxes can be printed, designed and customized to enhance brand image and product visual appeal.

◪  Environmental protection: Corrugated box is a recyclable and reusable material that helps reduce waste and environmental pollution.

◪  Cost reduction: Corrugated boxes have lower costs compared with other materials, which can help enterprises reduce packaging costs and improve competitiveness.

◪  Improve efficiency: Corrugated boxes can be produced and packaged by automatic equipment, improving production efficiency and packaging speed.

◪  Customizable: The corrugated box can be customized according to different products and needs. The thickness of the corrugated core and the material of the face paper can be adjusted to meet different strength, weight and appearance requirements.

◪  Multi-purpose: Corrugated boxes can be used to package various types and shapes of products, such as food, beverage, electronic products, medical supplies, etc., with a wide range of application scenarios.

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